Design through to Print

Filming / DVD

I have been filming and producing DVDs for school plays for 9 years. Over the years the equipment has expanded: I now use three Sony Hi quality cameras with external microphones on tripods. One camera is set to film the whole stage and I then use the second and third cameras to do close ups.

I like to see the dress rehearsal or have it videoed so that I have a good idea what will be happening on stage. Having a clear understanding of the content of the play, I mark up a script with where I need to be doing close ups.

If you are performing the play more than once I will try to film two performances, so that I can use the best performance to produce the DVD. I have even used bits from both performances when there have been mistakes or disturbances outside the show.

My film is then used to produce a quality DVD using Final Cut and DVD studio. The DVD will have menus and chapters, and comes printed in a slim case with a laser printed insert. I have also produced DVDs of school concerts filmed by the school for their archives.



Clicking on the small artwork above will load a larger gallery of some of the filming I have done. Due to the content of the films (young children) I am unable to put any video content here. If you are interested in seeing how a finished DVD looks and plays, please get in contact with me to discuss this using the contact page.