Design through to Print

Banstead May Queen

This is the full version of the 2013 May Queen programme. Work starts for this around the end of October. A member of the May Queen committee will start to send me information when they receive the order for an advert to be placed. When the advert arrives I will check that it is correct for printing (ie is CMYK or greyscale, it fits the page correctly and has bleed applied).

Some adverts need work to be done to them. Often this is simply opening in the appropriate application and making the adjustments or converting to the correct colour format. Others require the information being extracted and a complete redesign being made.

All May Queen pages will have new text inserted or changed from the previous year. Good comunication is essential as this is a six month project to complete and needs careful management.

Please look through the publication below by clicking in the corners to turn pages.

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